Choosing the Right Size Garage Door

If you are building a new garage, you have many options when it comes to the size door or doors you install. Not only do you need to decide between single and double doors, the sizes of the doors need to be determined as well. Here are some of the options available in standard garage doors to help you choose the right size for your needs.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

If you are on budget, your best bet is to stick with a standard size garage door. These are made in large quantities and are readily available through garage door installation services.  Even with standard doors, you have many choices in sizes and types. You have the option of single, double, and even standard doors for recreational vehicles.

  • Single garage door size. For one door per vehicle, the single door is used.  The standard sizes for single garage doors are: 8×7, 9×7, 10×7, 8×8, 9×8, and 10×8. There are other options, but these are the most common. Standard garage doors are usually 7 or 8 feet high, with the width as a variable.
  • Double garage door sizes. Double garage door can accommodate two vehicles or larger trucks.  It is common for a garage to have one large double door versus two single doors. Standard sizes for double garage doors are also 7 or 8 feet in height, with varying widths: 12×7, 14×7, 16×7, 12×8, 14×8, and 16×8.
  • RV garage door sizes. A typical RV garage door will be tall, with a similar width as a double garage door. Fifth wheels, travel trailers and smaller motor homes can use RV garage doors that are 12’W x 12’H.  Class A motor homes require at least 13’ clearance, with normal size at 14’ W x 12’H.

To determine the best size door for your garage, discuss the options with your garage door installer. There are custom size options available, but they tend to cost more. Make sure to measure your larger vehicles and consider future purchases when choosing your garage door sizes.

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