Who Should You Call When You Need a Garage Door Repair?

When your garage door is not working right, or not working at all, and you are not a DIY homeowner, you may wonder who to call. Should you call your cousin Bob that is handy with home repairs or a garage door professional? While some garage door repairs can be done by a DIY expert, some should be left to a qualified garage door repair service. It all depends on the issue and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

DIY Fixes

Items that do not require removal of major components can often be DIY fixes. Replacing weather stripping, tightening bolts, lubricating the system, adjusting the door sensors and other light maintenance issues can be completed by you or a trusted DIY expert. However, when it comes to removing essential parts, you may want to invest in a professional repair.

When to Call a Garage Door Pro

If you or your DIY friend have troubleshooted the problem and it is likely a major component, you should call a garage door pro. Replacing items like cables, rollers, springs, crankshafts and entire doors can be dangerous and require special equipment and training. Choose a garage door company that is licensed, insured and has an excellent reputation for experience and quality in your area. It is worth spending a little extra to protect your home and yourself from damage or injury from a garage door DIY repair gone wrong.

Regular inspections and service on your garage door can help identify issues before they become big problems. Schedule annual garage door tune-ups to keep up with maintenance and reduce the need for emergency repairs.

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