Combatting Mold Problems in Your Garage

Garages are used for more than parking and storing vehicles. Most households also use their garages for storing valuable items which can be ruined by mildew and mold. If you have noticed excessive mold on your garage doors, windows and a mildew odor in your garage, you may have too much moisture accumulating in this enclosure . Here are some tips to reduce moisture to prevent mold in your garage.

Use a Dehumidifier

If you store valuable items that could be ruined by mold or mildew like papers or fabric, considering using a dehumidifier in your garage during the wet season. Wet vehicles drying in your garage create excess humidity that form a perfect environment for mold growth.

Check Your Weather Stripping

The rubber weather stripping on your garage doors is meant to seal the bottoms of your garage doors. This helps with insulation and preventing water from entering your garage. Check your weather stripping periodically for cracking and tears; if it looks worn, replace it to create a better seal at the bottom of your garage doors.

Repair Dents and Door Cracks

If your garage doors have dents or cracks, they could be leaking rain and moisture into your garage. Damaged doors also may not seal on the sides or the tops of the doors. Damaged doors should be repaired or replaced for improved protection against leaking and to prevent safety issues.

Mold can cause damage to wood, fabric and paper products and also become a health hazard. Make sure your garage doors are properly sealed with ongoing maintenance and repairs performed by your local garage door service to prevent mold problems in your garage.

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