Garage Door Sounds and What They Mean

While visual inspections of your garage door can be helpful if there is a problem, listening to your garage door can also alert you to issues. The sounds your garage door make are often signs of wear and tear on the system, and if ignored, can lead to a garage door breakdown. If you have noticed your garage door is no longer quietly humming along but making new sounds, it may be time to schedule a garage door service appointment. Here are some common garage door sounds and what they mean.

Squealing or Squeaking

This is one of the most common issues for garage doors and often the easiest one to fix. Most squeaking and squealing noises mean the opening system needs lubrication. Try lubricating your system adhering to the manufacturer recommendations. If that does not stop the sound, it could be an issue with your rollers or tracks.

Grinding Noise

A grinding noise when you are opening or closing your garage door can be an issue with the crankshaft. You can try lubrication (it never hurts) but if the noise continues, you should have your system inspected by a professional.

Banging Sound

A pounding or banging sound can be caused by a few different issues. The sound is usually due to the panels of the door hitting each other or parts moving as the door opens or closes. It can be worn cables, loose bolts/screws or an issue with your spring. A thorough inspection and service or repair by a professional is your best solution.

Listen when your garage door begins to talk to you. It is one of the first signs it needs service and responding quickly can avoid more serious damage to your garage door system.

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