Options for Keeping Your Garage Warm in the Winter

Does your garage get chilly during the winter months? Many people do not heat their garage due to the extra cost, but it can make it uncomfortable to use and may have a cooling impact on the home. If you want to keep your garage warmer without heating it, there are options. Consider these tips to help winterize your garage and keep it at a more favorable temperature when it gets cold outside.

Replace Worn Weather Strips

If the weather strip on your garage door or doors is splitting or cracking, it is time to replace this component. Worn weather strips can allow air and moisture to seep inside your garage. You can attempt to replace the strip yourself or your local garage door service can do this for you.

Insulate Your Garage Door

You can add insulation to your existing garage door to help keep your garage warmer. However, if you are already considering replacing your garage door, why not choose a pre-insulated door and skip the extra cost? Choose a garage door with a higher R-value for improved insulating properties.

Add Insulation to Your Garage

You can insulate the walls and ceiling of your garage to keep it warmer. If this is too much trouble or expense, at least insulate any windows. You can buy inexpensive window insulation kits that are clear shrinking sheets that you apply with a hair dryer, helping reduce cold air entering your garage.

Make sure your garage is ready for winter and enjoy the benefits of a warmer garage. With a few fixes, you can improve the climate control in your garage, keeping it warmer in the winter and reducing energy costs for your home.

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