How Powerful of a Garage Door Opener Do I Need?

If you are shopping for a new garage door opener, you have many choices to make. Do you want a battery back-up system? Are you opting for a quieter belt drive or a more cost-efficient chain drive? Will you choose a smart security system you can control from your smartphone? On top of these features, you need to determine the basic elements, like how powerful of a motor you will need for your opener.

What Amount of HP is Needed?

When you are perusing the different models of garage door openers, one of the basic specifications is the horsepower or HP the motor uses. You will see options from ½ HP to 1 1/2 HP for most residential garage door openers. The higher the HP, the higher weight the motor can handle. To determine if you need higher HP, consider these factors:

  • Size of the door. Most single garage doors are about 12-feet in width. ½ HP motors can easily handle most doors of this size, but double-car doors that are 14-feet or wider may require at least ¾ HP openers. Taller doors for RVs may also require higher HP openers.
  • Door material. Solid wood doors tend to be the heaviest doors and may require more HP for the openers. If you have a wider, solid wood garage door, you may want to opt for ¾ HP or higher.

Weight is important when choosing the HP for your opener. Talk to your local garage door service about the best opener options for the size, material and weight of your garage door. It never hurts to go higher in HP than you need but choosing a motor without enough power can reduce the lifespan of your new opener and cause safety concerns.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

How long should you wait before you replace your garage door? Many people are not sure when is the right time. Do you wait until the door is damaged or no longer functions, or replace it proactively? Here are some tips and signs on when to make it a priority to replace your garage door.

Efficiency Issues

Like many items in older homes, old garage doors may not be as efficient as new models. This can include their function and their insulating capabilities. Newer garage doors can help reduce energy costs with advanced insulation and ease of use; they can also help improve security with new options for the opening system.


Your garage door is one of the first features of your home that people see when they arrive. Dents or a boring door style can impact the curb appeal of your home. Even if your garage door still functions, but it is outdated or looking worse for the wear, it may be time to replace it with a more stylish model. A new garage door can improve the beauty and value of your home.


Ensuring the safety of your home for your family should be a top priority. Damage to your garage door can create safety issues. Broken or damaged panels, hardware or other features can make your garage door dangerous. Replace your old door and opener with newer models with all the latest safety features.

A new garage door is a good investment in your home if the efficiency, aesthetics or safety is less than desirable. Talk to your local garage door company about the options available for replacing your old garage door if the time is right.

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Preventing Garage Lock-Outs

When you upgrade a manual garage door in favor of one with an automatic opener, the last thing on your mind is likely to be emergency management. When the power goes out, your automatic garage door opener fails or the remote is lost, however, you could find yourself in a tight spot if you don’t know how to bypass those features. 

To prevent garage lock-outs due to a power outage or electrical issue, look into back-up battery features. This option will ensure that you’re able to get in and out of your garage even if the electricity in your neighborhood is experiencing an outage. When a storm is powerful enough to interrupt electrical service, it stands to reason that you’d rather have your car in the garage than out in the elements. That’s where the back-up battery comes in handy. You’ll be able to open and close the door by using battery power, and you won’t find yourself out in the cold. 

Even the most organized homeowners can misplace a garage door opener remote, which is only inconvenient if you haven’t opted for a keypad entry feature. These will allow you to enter a code in order to open the door. While you will have to exit your vehicle to enter the code, you won’t be forced to park in the driveway until your remote is recovered. 

Contact a garage door installation and repair technician in your area to discuss back-up options for opening your door to make sure that you’re never denied access to your own garage. Even when there’s no electricity or your remote goes missing in action, a consultation with a garage door professional will eliminate the chances of you finding yourself locked out of your own home.