4 Reasons to Invest in a Smart Garage Door Opener

Are you still using a remote or control panel to operate your garage door? It is time to upgrade to a smart garage door opener for improved security, safety and convenience. Smart garage door openers are linked to your mobile device and can be operated straight through your cell phone or tablet. Here are four reasons these smart garage door openers are a wise investment for your home.

  1. No more remote. Remotes were a wonderful option when they first became available for garage doors but are now a known security risk. Anyone who has access to your remote also has access to your home. If your vehicle is stolen or broken into, someone can steal your remote and be in your home without any problems.
  2. Always have access to your garage door. You may not always have a remote on you when you need to open your garage door, but most people always have their cell phone. When you have a smart system, you can open your garage door whenever needed, even when you are not home.
  3. Security alerts. A smart garage door opener can alert you when someone has entered your home through the garage door without authorization or if the door was left open accidentally, helping keep your family and home safe.
  4. Air safety alerts. Your garage door opener can alert you when there is a safety issue in your garage or home. Smart openers can be connected to carbon monoxide, smoke and temperature sensors to alert you when there is a problem.

These are just a few of the reasons to invest in a smart garage door opener. They can also be connected to your home automation system and have other cool features that make life easier. Contact your local garage door service to learn more about the options available and to make the move to a smart opener device.

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Trends in Garage Doors for 2018

Your garage door is a convenience that you every day, and something that is noticeable to almost everyone who visits your home. You want a garage door that is secure and easy to use, but also adds curb appeal and style to your home. The trends in garage doors for 2018 embrace these concepts, combining convenience and style together.

Convenience Options

Newer garage doors are designed to give you easy access to your home, while keeping you secure. For 2018, you can expect many options to make your garage door tech savvy. Some trends for convenience in garage doors include:

  • Smartphone apps. Lose the remote and update your garage door to an opener with a smartphone app. You can manage your opener from your phone for more convenience and security.
  • Auto open. Choose a garage door opener that recognizes your vehicle and opens as soon as you approach.
  • Weather resistance. Make your garage climate controlled with insulation to reduce energy costs. Protect against storms with reinforced doors that are wind resistant.

New Styles

Get rid of the old white garage door and add some pizazz to your home with a new style. Boring garage doors are a thing of the past. Some trendy options for your garage door include:

  • Larger windows for more light and improve appearance
  • Solid wood
  • Bold colors
  • Carriage-style doors are still popular

If you are planning to update your garage door in 2018, take advantage of the new trends that can add convenience and style to your garage. Talk to your local garage door service about the new options available for improving the appearance and function of your garage door.

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Benefits of Using a Smartphone Application for Your Garage Door Opener

Many new garage door openers can be operated through smartphone applications, making them easy and convenient to use. But is it really necessary to opt for this service when a traditional garage door opener can provide you easy access to your garage? You may be surprised that there are more reasons to consider using these applications than just convenience. Smartphone or tablet applications to monitor and use your garage door opener can enhance the safety of your home and give you access to your home whenever you need it.

Safety and Security

One of the main benefits of using a smartphone application instead of a traditional garage door opener is safety and security. Consider the danger of having your garage door opener stolen. If someone breaks into your vehicle and steals your garage door opener, they now have access to your home. What is worse is that there is most likely a vehicle registration or other paperwork in your vehicle with your address on it. Now thieves have an easy way to get into your home and know where you live. By the time you realize what has happened, you may already have been robbed.

Smartphone applications offer higher security by keeping access to your garage inside your phone, which most people keep with them at all time. Plus, even if your phone is stolen, it should have security features to keep it locked. You can use a passcode with your garage door application so that no one but you can access your system, increasing the security.

Another benefit of having a smartphone application for your garage door is to allow access when you are away from home. You can open the door to let trusted people into your home, right from your phone or tablet.

Talk to your local garage door opener service company to learn more about smartphone applications for your garage door opener.