4 Reasons to Add Windows to Your Next Garage Door

Are you considering updating your garage door or doors? As one of the first features people see on your home, garage doors can help enhance the beauty of your home and are a vital component for convenience, safety and security. One feature that may be missing on your garage doors is windows. Here are four reasons why you should consider opting for windows on your next garage door upgrade.

  1. Aesthetics. Garage door windows can enhance the design and style, giving you a chance to improve your curb appeal. There are many options to choose from that can create a beautiful appearance for your home and garage.
  2. Safety. Garages without windows can be dark and dangerous. Windows let in light, so even when a bulb goes out or there is a power outage, you can still safely navigate through your garage.
  3. Natural light. Using only electric lights can make your garage feel like a dungeon. Natural light from garage door windows creates a more enticing atmosphere in your garage. You can reduce the need to keep a light on in the garage all the time, saving money on your electricity bills.
  4. View. With windows, you can see whether there is anything or anybody outside your garage doors without opening them. This can prevent accidents and help with security for your home.

If you are concerned that windows on your garage door will let people peek inside your garage, talk to your dealer about options for glass that lets in light, but obstructs the view. There are options to fit all your needs, while still gaining the benefits of adding windows to your new garage doors.

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Is an Old Garage Door Spoiling Your Home’s Appearance?

Depending on the size of your home, your garage door could be a big part of the façade; for some homes, the garage doors take up about a third of the visible space from the street. Considering how much area these doors cover, how they look can have a dramatic impact on your home’s appearance. If you are working on improving the curb appeal of your home, one of the main areas to consider is your garage doors. An old garage door can spoil the look of your home but replacing it is a quick and easy project that can have immediate aesthetic and valuable benefits.

An old garage door may have dents and damage that detract from the overall beauty of your home. While some repairs can hide these defects, if the door is 10, 15 or more years old, it may be best to replace it for safety and security as well as aesthetics.

Choosing a New Garage Door

There are many options available in garage doors, from a plain, standard door to those with windows or special designs. You want your new garage doors to match your home’s exterior to create a cohesive style. If you have an older home (built prior to 1950) or a home with a classic design, carriage-style doors can be a beautiful option that will match your home’s accents. For modern or contemporary homes, options like metal and glass doors can create a spectacular look for the front of your home and match the design of your home.

If your old garage door is impacting the beauty of your home, or having functional issues, contact your local garage door service for replacement options. It is worth the investment to keep your home safe, secure and looking its best.

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5 Features to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

When replacing a garage door, you have an opportunity to improve the function, security and beauty of this important component of your home and garage. While price is always a determining factor, there are features that may be worth considering when choosing your next door. Here are five features that you may want to look at when researching which garage door to purchase.

  1. Insulation. A well-insulated garage door can be beneficial for sound-proofing and energy efficiency. Consider going with a higher-rated insulation for the best function.
  2. Design. Your garage door is one of the first features that people see when they come to your home. Get a design that enhances your curb appeal and adds beauty to your home.
  3. Windows. Windows can let light into your garage and add a stylish look to your home. However, consider security; it is often a good idea to use glass that lets in light, but does not allow intruders to look inside your garage.
  4. Metal or wood? There are several material types to consider, either made from metal or wood. Research the different options and the pros and cons of each to find the best fit for your needs.
  5. Wind-resistance. In some areas of the country, wind-resistance is very important in a garage door. Make sure you get a sturdy door that is rated for the highest wind speeds that can be expected in your geological region.

There is more to choosing a new garage door than just price. Talk to your local garage door company to find the best option to add security, beauty and value to your home.

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Trends in Garage Doors for 2018

Your garage door is a convenience that you every day, and something that is noticeable to almost everyone who visits your home. You want a garage door that is secure and easy to use, but also adds curb appeal and style to your home. The trends in garage doors for 2018 embrace these concepts, combining convenience and style together.

Convenience Options

Newer garage doors are designed to give you easy access to your home, while keeping you secure. For 2018, you can expect many options to make your garage door tech savvy. Some trends for convenience in garage doors include:

  • Smartphone apps. Lose the remote and update your garage door to an opener with a smartphone app. You can manage your opener from your phone for more convenience and security.
  • Auto open. Choose a garage door opener that recognizes your vehicle and opens as soon as you approach.
  • Weather resistance. Make your garage climate controlled with insulation to reduce energy costs. Protect against storms with reinforced doors that are wind resistant.

New Styles

Get rid of the old white garage door and add some pizazz to your home with a new style. Boring garage doors are a thing of the past. Some trendy options for your garage door include:

  • Larger windows for more light and improve appearance
  • Solid wood
  • Bold colors
  • Carriage-style doors are still popular

If you are planning to update your garage door in 2018, take advantage of the new trends that can add convenience and style to your garage. Talk to your local garage door service about the new options available for improving the appearance and function of your garage door.

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Garage Door Trends for Every Budget

Are you considering replacing your garage door, but not sure if it will fit into your budget? Investing in a new garage door can have many benefits and is worth the money. Not only can it improve the curb appeal of your home, the right door can enhance energy efficiency and safety for your home. However, if you are wondering just what garage door trends will fit your budget, here are some examples.


Just want to replace a dilapidated old garage door, but you are short on cash? Garage door replacements only average around $900, so it is obtainable on any budget. Even if you buy a low-end price model, you can still make it trendy. Bright colored garage doors are very trendy and all it takes is a coat of paint over your new door.


If you want to get a little more value from your garage door on a moderate budget, consider adding some options. A steel door with added windows can bolster the beauty without a big price tag. Want more function than aesthetics? Consider a top-of-the-line opener with advanced security functions or an insulated door for efficiency.


If cost is not an object, the trend in garage doors is wood. Improve your curb appeal with gorgeous carriage-style wood doors that will enhance the beauty of your home, adding value and style. Wood doors are more expensive, but they are definitely the hot trend in garage doors right now.

You use your garage door every day and it is one of the first features people see when they visit your home. It is worth the investment to make sure you have the best door for your budget.


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Add Value to Your Home with a New Garage Door

When it comes to home improvements, many upgrades to your home do not pay off in value. Adding a hot tub or even remodeling your bathroom can only recoup about half the cost of the project when it comes to adding value to your home. However, replacing your garage door adds value while improving the beauty of your home, making it a wise investment when it comes to home improvements.

For many homes, the garage doors cover almost a quarter or more of the front or curb view. This is a big portion of the exterior of the home, making the style and condition of your garage doors important to curb appeal. When it comes to selling your home, garage doors can have an impact on the selling price you will get for your home.

Any realtor will tell you that curb appeal is important. The first impression a home makes on potential buyers is crucial to getting the best final price. New or stylish garage doors can increase the selling price of a home by up to 4%, according to a survey conducted nationwide with realtors. On a $300,000 house, that is an increase of $12,000, which is a great return on the investment.

If you are planning on selling your home or just want to make it look its best, consider replacing old garage doors. It can be a great cost-versus-value home improvement that will pay for itself in the value it adds to your home. Talk to your local garage door service company to discuss the best styles and feature options for replacing your old. garage door.

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Garage Doors: The New Home Style Accessory

Drive into many new housing developments and you will see the same home or style over and over again. They may be painted different colors but often the basic layout is exactly the same. While it may be expensive to have a custom home built, there are ways to set your home apart from those that look just like it. Not only are garage doors functional, but they can also give a unique look and style to your home. 

Find Your Style

Just as a belt, shoes or jewelry can spruce up an outfit, a garage door can do the same for the curb appeal of your home. While your home may have come with a basic, run-of-the-mill garage door, adding something with a little style or color can transform the entire look of your home. 

Carriage house doors. There is something about the style of a carriage house garage door that adds elegance to a home. While these doors were common a century ago, they were quickly replaced with the overhead door that was easier to use and worked with the automatic door openers. Now you can have the look and the modern convenience all in one!

Contemporary door styles. If you want a more modern look, contemporary styles move away from traditional and give a sleek, bold statement to your home. Many combine different materials and colors to give an arty look to the design and make your door stand out in the neighborhood. 

Use your garage door to set your home apart from the rest and give it an individual style, just like you. Whether you like a classic or modern look, there are many garage doors to choose from to compliment your style.


Garage Doors: Choices, Choices

If you’re the typical homeowner, chances are you haven’t shopped for a garage door in awhile, if ever. If maintained properly, garage doors generally last the lifetime of your home and new ones are not typically needed unless you’re building a new home or doing major renovations. 

If you find yourself in the market for a new garage door, however, the options can be mind blowing. 


There are three main styles of garage doors on the market: 

Traditional Raised Panel – Considered an American classic, this is the most common style of garage door, featuring a repetitive panel design and sometimes windows at the very top.  

Carriage House – Carriage house garage doors are designed to mimic the carriage house doors of yesterday. This style of garage door sometimes has an arched top or sometimes iron latches, handles and hinges can be added to enhance the antique style. 

Contemporary – Contemporary garage doors are characterized by their bold geometric style.  Unique combinations of materials are sometimes used, including glass and aluminum or wood and zinc. 


The following are the two main types of materials used in garage doors today: 

Wood – Wood is the traditional material used for garage doors. It resists wear and tear pretty well, but requires periodic painting or staining. Modern wood doors generally carry a warrantee of just one year. 

Steel – Steel is the most common material used for garage doors. Steel does have a tendency to dent but you can have the door sealed in fiberglass to make the surface stronger. Warrantees for steel doors can start at 10 years.