4 Ways to Reduce Garage Door Repair Costs

Garage door problems are not just inconvenient, they can be costly and dangerous. A broken cable can allow a garage door to crash down on your car, or worse, you or a family member. A spring can break in the middle of the night, trapping your car inside the garage until it can be replaced. To avoid unexpected garage door repairs and cut down on costs, considers these tips for garage door maintenance.

  1. Complete regular inspections. You can identify many garage door issues before they become a major problem. Inspect your garage doors and opening system at least once a month for loose screws, frayed cables, dents, rust and other obvious issues.
  2. Lubricate your opening system. Follow the manufacturer recommendations for lubricating your garage door system. This can protect the hardware and reduce wear on your opener to help extend the life and cut down on repairs.
  3. Start with a quality door and opener. It may cost most initially, but the adage is true: you get what you pay for. Invest in a quality garage door and opener and you can cut down on repairs and enjoy a longer life from your system.
  4. Schedule annual tune-ups. Scheduling a tune-up on your garage door system once a year can catch issues proactively, reducing emergency garage door repairs. Tune-ups also can extend the life of your garage door system, saving you money in the long run.

Not all garage door repairs can be avoided but keeping up with preventive maintenance and investing in quality equipment is a good start. Contact your local garage door service to schedule your next tune-up and inspection to reduce unexpected garage door repairs.

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Options to Quiet Your Garage Door Operation

Does everyone in your home hear the arrival of anyone using your garage doors? Loud garage doors can interrupt sleep and become a nuisance. There are options with advanced garage doors and openers that can provide almost silent operation. If you want to quiet the noise of your garage door, here are a few options that are available.

Get a Tune-Up

Some garage door noise can be due to poor lubrication, squeaky rollers or worn parts in your opening system. Also, unbalanced doors can be harder to open and close, putting more stress on your opener. A tune-up can ensure all moving components are functioning correctly and help quiet your garage doors, especially if your garage door has become louder in recent months.

Upgrade to an Insulated Door

Insulated doors not only keep noise levels down inside the garage, they can also make the noise decrease when you are opening and closing the doors. Plus, you get the bonus that insulated doors can save money on utilities with higher energy efficiency.

Change to a Belt Drive

If you have a chain drive opener, you will experience higher levels of noise. A belt drive is the quietest option in openers, almost silent when it is operating. If you want to eliminate the noise when vehicles are coming and going, a belt drive opener is your best bet.

If your garage door announces loudly when people are coming or going, you can make your system quieter with maintenance or replacing components. Talk to your local garage door service to find the best option to make your garage doors operate with less noise and interruptions.

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4 Important Garage Door Maintenance Tips

You use your garage door every day without a thought. In most cases, all you need to do is push a button and it slides easily open or closed. However, there are many moving parts on your garage opening system and the door itself that need maintenance to keep it working properly. Here are four important maintenance tips to prevent door failure and premature replacement.

  1. Keep your garage door clean and repaired. Garage doors are exposed to the elements and can become dirty and covered with mildew. Both the inside and outside of your garage door should be kept clean to prevent damage to the panels and hardware. If there is damage to the door, make sure to have it repaired or replaced immediately.
  2. Lubricate and inspect garage door opener. The mechanisms that move your garage door up and down need lubrication. Follow your garage door opener manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication and inspect hardware for damage.
  3. Schedule needed tune-ups. Save time and trouble for yourself by scheduling a garage door tune-up once a year. This can improve the performance of your opening system and extend the life of both your opener and door.
  4. Replace weather stripping. springs and worn out hardware. Rusted screws, dented tracks, broken rollers, old springs and torn weather stripping should all be replaced as needed. Small repairs are much less expensive than the damage that can occur if they cause functional issues.

It does not take much time or money to maintain your garage door, but ignoring the needed maintenance can lead to garage door failure. Make sure to keep up with tune-ups and other maintenance to improve the safety and longevity of your garage door.

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When Is The Last Time Your Garage Door Had A Tune-Up?

Most people don’t think about maintaining their garage doors until the day they go to leave and it won’t open or close properly. The mechanisms which operate a garage door and their automatic openers need maintenance, just like any mechanical device. Without regular tune-ups, inspections and attention from a professional technician, your garage door will eventually stop functioning safely and effectively. 

Importance Of Scheduling An Annual Garage Door Tune-Up

Keeping your garage door working properly not only can prevent unnecessary breakdowns, but can also keep your family safe from injury. Garage doors are very heavy, and when a cable or spring snaps unexpectedly, they can come crashing down to cause serious injuries or damage to property. Annual tune-ups and inspections by a garage door technician can keep your garage door in good working order. Most annual tune-ups will include: 

  • Inspection. The technician will look at all the working parts of the garage door and opener for wear and parts which may need replacement.
  • Tighten nuts and bolts. A nut or bolt can slowly loosen. and can cause a major accident. Tune-ups will usually include tightening of the nuts and bolts in the system.
  • Lubricating the system. As a mechanical system, many of the parts require lubrication. Tune-ups will usually include lubrication of the hinges, rollers, springs, garage door opener sprocket and chain.
  • Door balance and pressure. Many tune-ups will also include rebalancing the door and checking the downward pressure of the garage door opener. 

By having annual tune-ups and garage door repairs performed on your garage door by a qualified technician, you can increase the safety and life of your garage door. In the long run it can save money plus keep your family safe from injury.

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