Invest in Your Business with Quality Commercial Garage Doors

Are your commercial garage doors hurting your business? You may think they are doing their job, opening, closing and locking when needed. But what you may not realize is how they are hurting your business due to poor aesthetics or efficiency. Your garage doors most likely cover the largest openings to your business and are very visible from the exterior. It may be time you consider upgrading your garage doors to improve the look and efficiency of your business.

Improve Your Business’ Brand

When is the last time you looked closely at your garage doors? Are they dented, maybe even rusting, looking shabby? What does this say about the quality of your business? You want your customers and competition to view your business as high quality and successful; old, worn garage doors are a poor way to portray a successful image in your community.

Save Energy and Money

Another good reason to replace older commercial garage doors is energy efficiency. Many older commercial doors are not equipped with the insulating options available today. Not only can upgrading your garage doors reduce your heating or cooling costs for your garage or warehouse, it can help improve your sound proofing for your business. This can reduce sound penetrating your garage doors, both coming in and going out.

You may be surprised at some of the new innovations now available in commercial garage doors. There are higher caliber options in energy efficiency, safety, aesthetics and security. Contact your local commercial garage door service and installation company to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your old garage doors as a wise investment into your business.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors and garage door openers are used on a variety of commercial garages servicing office buildings and multifamily apartment and condominium buildings.  The components of the doors and openers are of a much higher grade than the doors and openers used on a typical single-family home.  The reason for this is that commercial garage doors undergo many more opening and closing cycles in a single day than a single-family home undergoes in 6 or more months!  Imagine a typical 500-unit apartment complex with two garage doors, one for entry into the garage and one to exit the garage.  On a typical day each door could open 500 times a day or 3,500 times a week or 14,000 times per moth or 168,000 times a year! 

The only way that these doors can withstand this use is to choose the proper garage door initially and then perform regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance on all components, as recommended by the manufacturer.  Popular manufacturers of commercial garage doors include Finishline Overhead Doors. Bestline Overhead Doors, Wayne-Dalton, Windsor, D.B.C.I., Roll Up Doors, Coplay Commercial Doors and C.H.I Overhead Commercial Doors. 

In most cases, commercial doors have a recommended inspection and maintenance schedule, which is typically driven by the number of cycles of the door.  It is critical that this schedule be adhered to in order to maximize the life of the door and the door opener.  In addition worn parts must be replaced immediately.  In most cases, commercial garage doors and commercial garage doors that experience a high failure rate or ongoing problems have not been inspected and maintained properly.

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Invest in Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Everything and everyone that contributes to the successful operation of a business is important. We’ve all heard the cliché, “time is money;” so, whenever anything is inoperable or malfunctioning in a place of business, the money clock begins to tick. This could very well include an inoperable commercial garage or overhead door, depending on the type of business. Either traffic needs to be continuously going in and out with deliveries of raw materials or purchased products, or something needs to be protected like inventory and equipment. 

An overhead garage door in a business experiences a great deal of wear and tear. When it is well maintained, it provides efficient service and security. If neglected, it can cost a company an unnecessary waste of time in addition to costly repairs. This potential for lost revenue can be curtailed by obtaining an annual preventative maintenance contract from your local garage door service professional, which would virtually pay for itself. 

Most companies will offer a basic contract that includes an annual visual inspection with an estimate of needed repairs or a more standard package that includes lubrication of all moving parts, replacement of damaged hinges or rollers, and an estimate of additional recommended repairs. Typically, different types of doors, for different types of business needs, require different frequencies of preventative maintenance. For example, apartment buildings may require maintenance every three months, an auto repair shop every six months, and a warehouse only once a year. Some businesses may prefer to have their garage overhead doors serviced only on an as needed basis. Your local garage door professional should be able to set up a preventative maintenance plan that meets the unique needs of your business.