So Your Garage Door Needs Repair- Who Do I Choose

These days more and more folks are remaining in their existing home due to deflated housing prices and a poor economy, not to mention a tight budget. As a result some folks are finding it necessary to contact their local garage door repair company. Garage door repairs are a very common occurrence and if you stay in your home long enough you’ll need to have your garage door repaired too.

Some common garage door repairs are the garage door coming off tracks, a broken garage door cable or frayed garage door cable, worn out garage door rollers, broken hinges, bent garage door tracks, a broken extension spring, a broken torsion spring, damaged garage door sections or an automatic garage door opener that needs repair.

A desperate economy calls for desperate garage door repair companies that will say or do almost anything to survive and gain your business often with you the customer receiving the proverbial, ”short end of the stick”. In order to avoid poor quality workmanship and rip-off repair charges it’s more important than ever to do your homework as a consumer. Not all garage door repair companies are the same.

Stay away from the allure of “free service call” or 50% off regular repair charges these are just gimmicks to sucker you in. A knowledgeable reputable garage door repair company will always provide you with some sort of free quote over the phone for your garage door or garage door opener repair.

Online reputation these days is very important so check that out and look for a garage door repair company that has been in business for at least 10 years or longer. The length of time a company has been in business speaks volumes and the shady companies can last that long.

Don’t be afraid to ask for detailed upfront pricing, after all it’s your money and you worked hard for it.

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Garage Door Opener Repair-Radio Interference Part 11

If you need your garage door opener repaired due to an intermittent remote control or garage door transmitter as it’s commonly called check out the following information before calling your local garage door opener repair company.

With so many radio controlled devices around the average home today it’s not unusual to have a garage door opener with interference problems. Your automatic garage door opener might be several years old or even a brand new unit that has worked fine up until now and all of a sudden your garage door opener remote becomes temperamental and it’s difficult to operate your garage door from your car.

As we discussed in part 1 of this topic the interference can be coming from your other garage door opener if you have more than 1 door, it can also come from your neighbor’s garage door opener cell towers etc. A less known common cause of radio interference can be anything in your home that has a motor or compressor. This kind of garage door opener repair can be difficult to track down but can be found with a little persistence. If you’ve ruled out other garage door openers, changed your transmitter battery and the problem still exists here is your next course of action.

Determine if the interference is constant or intermittent; while you’re experiencing radio issues with your garage door opener one at a time check the following. Un-plug your refrigerator and check the range and reliability of your garage door opener remote. If the problem persists, plug the refrigerator back in and repeat the process with your freezer, air conditioning system, air compressor if you have one and any other appliance in your home with a motor or compressor. One last check is to run an extension cord to your automatic garage door opener from a different part of your home. If none of the above repairs your garage door opener call your neighborhood garage door repair company.

Garage Door Opener Repair & Troubleshooting Part 1

A common garage door opener repair and troubleshooting issue is short range transmitter reception or intermittent operation from your garage door openers remote control.  One of the first things you would do is to see if all your garage door opener remotes behave the same way. If they don’t try changing the battery in your transmitter as they become weak with routine use and require periodic replacement, the type of battery will depend upon the make and model of your automatic garage door opener. If you only have 1 remote and changing the battery doesn’t help you could have a problem with your receiver board inside your garage door opener control box on the ceiling. It’s also very possible that you have a damaged or intermittent garage door transmitter.

You can contact your favorite garage door opener repair company to purchase a replacement garage door opener remote.

Since your garage door openers remote control or transmitter works off of radio frequency there are many things that can interfere with the signal and diminish the distance or range that your garage door opener will work from. Some of the causes can be another garage door opener unit in the same garage, cordless telephones, WiFi, Invisible Pet Fences etc. Furthermore the source of your garage door opener repair could be interference from your neighbor’s home, cell phone towers, a nearby airport, microwave transmitting station or a radar station.

Sometimes the garage door opener that you think needs repair isn’t the problem and it’s actually your other garage door opener needing repair. If you have more than 1 garage door opener in the same garage try unplugging the other garage door opener from the electrical outlet and see if that solves the problem. If it does the radio receiver circuit board in that machine may need to be replaced.

Garage Door Repair-Replace Your Rollers

Your residential garage door has many moving parts that enable safe and quiet operation of your overhead door and automatic garage door opener and when you have a garage door repair all of these components should be inspected.

Some of the moving parts that you should have inspected any time you have a garage door repair are the cable pulleys, cables, bearing plates, cable drums, extension springs, torsion springs and of course your garage door rollers.

When you call your local garage door repair company because you’re having a problem with your overhead door or garage door opener checking all the moving parts for wear and tear as well as lubrication is essential to the proper operation of your garage door.

One of the most critical components of your overhead garage door is the garage door rollers. Often the need for a garage door repair is directly the result of poorly maintained garage door rollers that are in need of lubrication or replacement.

All of the weight of your overhead garage door is supported by these rollers, usually 10 or 12 of them depending upon the size of your garage door. As your garage door rollers roll up and down the track to open and close your garage door the condition of the roller determines how smoothly your overhead door opens and closes and they also determine how much friction or resistance there is.

A properly working garage door roller will have minimal resistance and as a result will operate quietly and prolong the life of your automatic garage door opener and the garage door itself minimizing the frequency of garage door repairs.

Replacement of your garage door rollers is inexpensive especially when compared to replacing your automatic door opener pre-maturely or your garage door and will keep your door operating quietly. So don’t hesitate have your local garage door repair company replace your rollers today.

Garage Door Repair-Big Names Usually Just Mean Big Repair Bills

If you’re having a problem with your overhead garage door or your automatic garage door opener and you suspect that the scope of repair is beyond your DIY abilities calling a garage door repair company with a big name might just mean a big repair bill.

Garage door repair just like electrical repair, plumbing repair or heating and air conditioning repair has it big huge repair companies that are practically a household name and many more medium to small size local garage door repair companies.

The misconception is that bigger garage door repair company is better or that bigger is cheaper or even that bigger is more reliable and the real hard facts are that none of that is true. Your local garage door repair company has far more to gain by having you as a happy satisfied customer than the big name overhead door company and your local garage door company has far more to lose by not treating you the customer professionally and fair.

Small to medium size garage door repair companies don’t have the huge overhead that big name companies do and can therefore afford to do the same work for less and because they don’t have huge advertising and marketing budgets they have to capitalize on every new customer opportunity. This will generally result in less expensive garage door repair bills for you the valued customer and because the garage door company is smaller the owner will usually be hands on.

When you need your garage door repair look for a local garage door company and beware of the national scam companies that have popped up across the country. Ask for the owners name and ask where they are located.

Garage Door Repair- Replacing Your Bottom Section Seal

If you have a raised panel steel garage door, a steel sandwich garage door or a stamped steel carriage garage door the time may have come to call your local garage door company for a garage door repair to replace your bottom section seal.

Now if you’re the kind of person who likes to do their own garage door repair then here is some information you’ll need to successfully replace your overhead door bottom seal.

The first information you’ll need is the width of your existing overhead garage door as well as the color of the bottom section seal or astragal as it’s commonly called in the garage door industry. Next and this can be the hard part you’ll need to try and determine what brand of overhead garage door that you have. Whether you do your own garage door repair or call a professional overhead door company this information is essential as the bottom seal can be proprietary. Often you’ll find a sticker on the inside of the garage door that will list the manufacturer’s name, such as Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, Overhead, Amarr, Raynor, C.H.I. etc. If the label isn’t present on the inside of your garage door try looking on the side edge of your garage door between the track and the wall.

Regardless of whether or not you determine the manufacturer look at how the bottom seal is attached to your garage door. Does it slide into one track or two and is the shape of the seal where it slides in the track round or T shaped.  The information will help you expedite your garage door repair and save yourself some aggravation.

Assuming you have this information contact your local professional garage door repair company and see if they sell the overhead door bottom seal that you need.

Now here’s a tip for the do-it-yourselfer, spray the channel for the seal with WD-40 before attempting to slide the new bottom seal onto your garage door.

Garage Door Opener Repair-Infrared Safety Sensors

So you went to close your garage door today only to discover that the motor won’t close from your garage door remote, keypad or wall button so you think you’re in need of a garage door repair. Don’t panic and call your local garage door repair company, yet!

Before you call for garage door service and repair there are a few things you can try on your own and possibly save yourself some time and door opener repair money.

The first thing you can check on your own is with the door in the open position press and hold the wall control through the entire closing cycle of the garage door opener. If your garage door opener successfully closes the garage door you have now narrowed the problem to your infrared safety sensors. Infrared sensors can often be a simple garage door opener repair.

If you have a Genie or Overhead brand automatic garage door opener you can unplug the motor from the outlet on the ceiling for about 30 seconds and see if this resets your infrared safety sensors or not. Try your unit from the wall button again if your garage door opener functions properly you have successfully repaired it yourself for free.

If this doesn’t solve your problem or you have a different brand of garage door opener such as Liftmaster, Linear, Chamberlain or Sears Craftsman the next thing to check is the infrared sensors themselves. First check and make sure that your garage door sensors are not blocked or partially obstructed by garage items, dirt, cobwebs or bugs. Also check the bottom edge of your garage door for cobwebs and leaves etc. that might interrupt the infrared safety beams. Simply cleaning away debris can save your-self a garage door repair.

If your garage door sensors aren’t obstructed and your garage door opener still won’t close the next thing to check is the alignment of the infrared sensors themselves. Often your garage door opener’s infrared sensors are bumped out of alignment because of trash cans, mowers, bicycles etc. Your infrared sensors have to see each other and can be adjusted up and down or in and out so check them for proper alignment before you call your local overhead door company for a garage door repair.

Garage Door Repair-Beware of Bait and Switch or Hidden Fees

With today’s economy being desperate and most businesses just trying to survive many companies are stooping to some very low places to gain your garage door repair business. Also with consumers trying to stretch every penny to keep a roof over their head it’s easy to see how someone could be easily taken by deals that seem too good to be true.

All garage door repair companies have some type of overhead expenses even the mom and pop overhead door companies have to advertise, buy trucks, insurance, pay for phone lines etc. When you see a garage door repair company offering “free service calls” or “no trip charges” your red flag should get hoisted high in the air and you should start looking elsewhere. Another common gimmick is a “free in home estimate”, again when you see these kinds of tactics to attract you garage door repair business run. I can assure you that their trucks run on fuel like everyone else’s, their advertising isn’t free in fact it can be very expensive and their garage door service technicians don’t work for free.

Look for a reputable local garage door company that charges a reasonable service call and labor fee somewhere between 59-89 dollars, ask them if there are any other charges to show up at your home and explain what the problem is that you’re having with your automatic garage door opener or your overhead door. Ask them to give you a quote based upon your description. If they aren’t willing to provide a fairly accurate quote based upon your description keep shopping for a different garage door repair company.

Doing your homework ahead of time will save you time, money and potential aggravation as well as the possibility of being ripped off for your garage door repair.


Garage Door Repair or Replace

If you have a broken overhead door and are in need of a garage door repair you might be faced with the decision of whether to repair your existing garage door or replace it.

Here are a few suggestions for your consideration. What kind of condition is your existing garage door in and how old is it. If it’s an older wooden overhead door you’d want to examine the entire garage door before making a decision. If you have a wooden garage door and the door sections are in good condition and aesthetically the garage door still looks good then I would opt to repair your garage door. If the garage door panels or sections are rotting, sagging and just plain falling apart I would balance the cost of a replacement garage door with the costs of repairing your existing overhead door.

For example if you have broken garage door springs and you’ve already been considering a replacement garage door now would be the time if the budget allows to install a new garage door. When your garage door is replaced all the components that go with the door such as garage door springs, hinges, tracks, garage door rollers and sections are all replaced. So if you have your garage door springs replaced today and a replacement garage door installed six months later the garage door springs will be replaced again.

One of the things I often see are steel garage doors with a broken garage door spring or worse yet both springs broken and since the customer was unaware and continued using the garage door with a broken spring the overhead door is now damaged as well. When this happens it’s usually financially advantageous to install a new replacement garage door rather than repair the existing garage door.

A general rule of thumb is that if the garage door repair is going to be 50% or more of the cost of a new garage door, replace the garage door. Contact your local garage door company for more assistance.

Garage Door Spring Changes-Do You Really Need Those Extra Parts?

If you overhead garage door isn’t working and you’ve determined that you have a broken garage door spring, here is some important information to help keep you from getting ripped off. Garage door springs are eventually going to wear out and break from usage. Generally the springs supplied by the garage door manufacturer are rated for 10,000 cycles, so depending on how many times a day you open and close your garage door you can do the math and determine the life expectancy of your garage door springs.

With that being said most of the other components on your overhead garage door are very reliable and are seldom a cause for a garage door repair. If your garage door installation was properly executed then most of the other moving parts on your overhead door seldom if ever need replacement.

Getting to the point, many garage door repair companies today have slashed the cost of replacement garage door springs so much that the only way they can turn a profit is to sell you additional replacement garage door parts whether you need them or not.   A reputable local garage door repair company will sell new replacement garage door springs only and not try to sell you a bunch of extra parts that virtually never wear out. Garage door cable drums for example are often sold as a way of making extra profits and I can assure you that unless a set screw is stripped or the casting is cracked they virtually never need replacement. Furthermore with little exception if your cable drum is damaged it’s due to improper handling or installation. Garage door torsion spring shafts are also sold usually un-necessarily as another means of additional profits.  Torsion spring bearings do occasionally wear out and will need to be replaced and the wear is obvious so if you are in doubt ask to inspect the alleged worn parts.  Overhead garage door hinges will occasionally break but not often and again the need to replace them is visually evident.

When you need replacement garage door springs for your overhead door don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions and protect your hard earned money from the garage door rip off artists.