Your Home’s New Look and Increased Value With A Wood Garage Door

Many people consider having a wood garage door installed before selling their home or simply to enhance their home’s exterior. That is because wood garage doors give homes a beautiful aesthetic accent while at the same time increasing property value.

After your old garage door has been replaced with an attractive new wood garage door, you’ll be blown away at the beautifying effect that your new wood garage door has on your home.

Therefore, installing wood garage doors provides you with many benefits, including:

  1. Custom building to your specifications/preferences
  2. Able to be made to fit any shape or size garage
  3. They provide your home with a “unique” look
  4. Damages can be repaired easily, without replacing the entire door
  5. Automatic (remote) or manual operation
  6. Increased home and property value
  7. Naturally insulating your home against cold and heat

Nevertheless, there is more to wood garage doors, then there positive effects and benefits. It is important for you to consider the installation and configuration of your new wood garage doors.

Your Options

It is highly recommended that you use a professional garage door contractor to take care of the installation.

This ensures that all of your needs are met. Furthermore, a professional can provide you all the possible service options required to bring new life to your garage and home.

Your local garage door company will be able to offer you many trims and finishes from which to choose. In addition, many homeowners enjoy having a trained professional help them decide which garage door is best suited for their home and situation.

Posted on behalf of Legacy Garage Doors

Garage Door Need Repair-Listen To What It’s Telling You

If you own a home with a garage door and automatic garage door opener it’s going to occasionally need service or repair. If you think about it your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and does the most work to allow you convenient access to your garage and your home.

A great way to tell if you might need a garage door repair or service is to simply listen to the noise your overhead door makes when opening and closing your door. Often before your garage door breaks altogether it will start making excessive noise and may even become jerky when operating. Listening to your garage door opening and closing can let you know if your garage door opener is suddenly straining when opening or closing this could be a telltale sign that the garage door springs may need adjustment or that you might even have a broken torsion spring or broken Wayne-Dalton Torquemaster system.

Garage doors need occasional adjustment as well as lubrication and over time different moving parts on your garage door will become dry and in need of lubrication. Routine garage door service will prolong the life of your overhead door as well as your automatic garage door opener.

Garage door rollers, hinges, bearings, pulleys, cable and garage door opener drive mechanisms need to be lubricated in order to ensure long life and reliability. Sometimes even with routine garage door repair and service moving parts will wear out and need to be professionally replaced. As these parts become dry and start to wear you’ll likely notice an increase in operational noise and possibly the door operating rough, when this happens don’t wait call a professional garage door repair company and save yourself the hassle of a broken garage door.