Top 3 Safety Concerns for Garage Doors

Have you ever considered what could happen if your garage door came off the tracks or the safety mechanisms failed? Garage doors are very heavy and can cause extreme damage or severe injury if they malfunction. Many safety features are in place to keep your garage doors from causing harm, but you must maintain these features and ensure your garage door does not have any needed repairs to keep it safe. Here are the top three safety concerns for garage doors.

  1. Auto-stop feature. Almost all modern garage door openers have an auto-stop safety feature. This stops the door from closing if anything is underneath it. Laser “eyes” detect any object underneath and halt the door from closing. If these lasers are not aligned correctly or impaired, this feature may not work and create a safety hazard.
  2. Damaged hardware. A loose screw, bent tracks or rusty rollers can all create safety concerns for your garage door. If the mechanisms and hardware that move and support the door as it goes up and down are damaged, it could slip off the tracks. Also, the spring mechanism can let go, slamming the door downward, or cables could break. It is important to have all hardware inspected routinely to prevent a safety hazard.
  3. Unbalanced or a damaged door. If the door itself is damaged or becomes unbalanced, it could cause a safety risk. If any panels are dented or broken, or if the door is difficult to raise in manual mode, it may need repair to prevent safety issues.

Maintaining your garage door is important for safety. Make sure to schedule a tune-up at least once a year with your garage door professionals and have repairs completed as needed to prevent safety concerns.

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How to Fix Misaligned Garage Door Safety Sensors

Most garage door openers are equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent the door closing on your vehicle, a person or any other object under the door. This is accomplished with safety sensors, laser “eyes” that detect if anything is under the door before it closes. If something is there, the door should stop and refuse to close, giving you an opportunity to remove the item. However, what should you do if these sensors are not working?

The first step is to check whether they are working at all. Place a large cardboard box under the garage door and hit your garage door opener button. If it doesn’t close, it is working. If it does close, something is amiss. Most commonly it is misaligned sensors, something you may be able to fix on your own.

To align your sensors, read your garage door manual. In most cases, it is as simple as aligning the laser eyes on either side of the door to point toward each other across the garage door opening. Often the light will be blinking if not aligned, with a steady light if it is working. It is easier to see the lights when it darker out, so try to do this about the time when the sun is going down.

If you align the sensors to the best of your ability and they still fail the box test, or if you are not comfortable aligning these important safety sensors by yourself, call your local garage door opener repair service. You may have malfunctioning sensors or other issues in the garage door safety mechanism. This is not a feature you want to live without – it can prevent serious injury or damage, so make sure to have your garage door opener repaired right away.

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Options to Quiet Your Garage Door Operation

Does everyone in your home hear the arrival of anyone using your garage doors? Loud garage doors can interrupt sleep and become a nuisance. There are options with advanced garage doors and openers that can provide almost silent operation. If you want to quiet the noise of your garage door, here are a few options that are available.

Get a Tune-Up

Some garage door noise can be due to poor lubrication, squeaky rollers or worn parts in your opening system. Also, unbalanced doors can be harder to open and close, putting more stress on your opener. A tune-up can ensure all moving components are functioning correctly and help quiet your garage doors, especially if your garage door has become louder in recent months.

Upgrade to an Insulated Door

Insulated doors not only keep noise levels down inside the garage, they can also make the noise decrease when you are opening and closing the doors. Plus, you get the bonus that insulated doors can save money on utilities with higher energy efficiency.

Change to a Belt Drive

If you have a chain drive opener, you will experience higher levels of noise. A belt drive is the quietest option in openers, almost silent when it is operating. If you want to eliminate the noise when vehicles are coming and going, a belt drive opener is your best bet.

If your garage door announces loudly when people are coming or going, you can make your system quieter with maintenance or replacing components. Talk to your local garage door service to find the best option to make your garage doors operate with less noise and interruptions.

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Garage Door Opener Operation Checklist

When you try to use your garage door opener, and nothing happens, it can be a frustrating experience. Whether you are coming home from a long day, or trying to make it on time to work, you need to get in and out of your garage quickly. An opener problem makes this much more difficult. To find the problem, use this operational checklist to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Is the light on your remote turning on? If you have a keychain or visor remote, the light should turn on when you press the button to send a signal. If there is no light, the battery may be dead or need replacement.
  • Try the wall unit. When the remote will not work, try the wall unit. If the unit functions, you can narrow the problem down to the remote. Most likely the remote needs a new battery.
  • Do other remotes work? If the wall unit works, try other remotes you own. If they function, you know your remote is the problem. If none of your remotes work, there is an issue with the signal transmission.
  • Wall unit does not work. If nether the remotes or wall unit work, check the power source; the main opener unit may be unplugged or a fuse for the garage could be out.

In most cases, garage opener problems are a battery or power source issue. Either the remote needs a new battery or the main unit is not getting power. However, if that is not the case, call your local garage door service company to have your opener inspected and repaired to get your easy garage access restored.

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5 Reasons Your Garage Door is Not Opening

If your garage door is not opening, there are only a few reasons for this issue. Before you call your garage door service company, you can troubleshoot the problem to ensure it not something you can easily fix. Here are the top five reasons a garage door will not open to help you narrow down the problem.

  1. No power. Sounds simple, but a lack of power is the main reason your garage door opener will not work. If the opener is not plugged in, a fuse blew, or power is out to the entire house, your garage door would not open unless it has a battery backup.
  2. Remote battery is dead. Remote batteries die – try the wall unit to see if that works to open your door. If so, it is most likely a dead remote battery or some other issue with your remote.
  3. Mechanical failure. Does the opener sound like it is trying to work but the door does not move? Your garage door opener could be failing, or a cable could be broken.
  4. Broken spring. Broken springs are often the cause of garage door opening issues. If the spring is broken, you will not be able to use the manual option – the door will slam shut.
  5. Door is locked. If your garage door was accidentally manually locked, it will not open. Check the manual lock and make sure it is not engaged.

Sometimes garage door opening issues are a simple fix, but many times they require a repair. Never try to fix a major problem like a broken cable or spring yourself – call a professional garage door expert for a repair.

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3 Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs Repair

You do not want to wait until your garage door opener quits before you call a garage door opener repair service. There are often signs that it needs service before it finally stops working all together. Watch and listen for issues and get your opener repaired before it becomes a garage door emergency. Here are three signs you need to schedule a service on your garage door opener.

  1. Remote is finicky and difficult to use. If your garage door remote is becoming difficult to use and takes a few tries to get it to work, you may need a new battery or remote. Even better, upgrade to a new opening system that offers a smartphone app to use as your remote.
  2. Strange noises. Is your garage door opener squealing, grinding or just louder than usual? Odd noises are a definite sign that your opener needs service. It may just need lubrication, but you will want to get it checked.
  3. Garage door won’t open at all. Usually when the garage door will not open, it is a power issue. If you do not have a battery back-up for your opener, a power outage can lock you out of your garage. Or, the battery is out in your remote or the control unit is not getting power. It could also be a broken spring.

It is important to keep up on garage door maintenance to keep your opener reliable. Schedule yearly service tune-ups to ensure the opening system is lubricated and maintained. If you begin noticing any signs of problems, call your garage door repair service right away to get the issue resolved before it becomes an emergency.

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4 Troubleshooting Tips for Garage Door Opener Issues

When you have problems with your garage door opener, you may not be sure what is wrong. Before you call a garage door repair service, you can troubleshoot the issue and determine if it may be a problem you can fix on your own. Here are four troubleshooting tips to help you figure out where the problem is with your garage door and if you need to call a repair service.

  1. Door won’t open or close. If the door doesn’t respond at all from your remote opener, try the wall control panel. Often it is a dead remote battery. If neither the remote or wall unit work, check the power source. If the opener is working, but the door doesn’t move, it may be a broken spring or other issue. Call a repair service.
  2. Door closes a few inches, then reverses direction. Check for obstructions under the door. The safety mechanism is engaging. Remove any items near the door entrance. If none are present, the sensors may need realignment.
  3. Door shifts slightly after it closes. This could mean the door needs balancing.
  4. The opener hums for a few seconds, but door doesn’t move. You may have an obstruction under the door, or there could be a broken spring. Try opening and closing the door manually. If it will not open or close manually, it is most likely a spring or the door is off track.

Often a garage door opener issue is something as simple as a dead battery or something to close to the door that is impacting the safety sensors. But if it is something more serious, call your local garage door service to have your system inspected.

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Troubleshooting Garage Door Opener Problems

You don’t have time for garage door opener problems in your busy life. One of the most common problems reported with openers is them not working at all. The garage will either not open, or not shut, a big hassle if you are trying to get to work or the kids off to school. Luckily, there are many times that the problem is a simple fix. Here are some troubleshooting tips if you find yourself with a garage door opener that is malfunctioning.

  • Check the plug in. If you press your remote and nothing happens, you could have an opener with no power. Check to make your control panel has power; it could be simply unplugged. If it is plugged in, try the control panel. If the wall unit works, it may be that your remote needs a new battery or is broken.
  • Is the lock-out option turned on? Many garage door openers have a lock-out option for when you are on vacation or away from home. Check to make sure this option was not turned on accidently. Also, check the outside lock to make sure it is not engaged.
  • Misaligned or over-sensitive door sensors. If you have an open garage door that won’t close, it could be that the emergency sensors are misaligned or over-sensitive. These are designed to stop the door from closing when anything is under the door. Until you can get the sensors fixed, turn off the opener and use the manual emergency release to close the door and lock it.

Often it is just a simple issue to fix a non-working garage door opener. If these tips don’t help you find the problem, call in your local garage door service company for help.

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Garage Door Opener Repairs

Properly maintained, garage door openers will provide years of trouble free service.  However, when there is a problem with them it is now possible to have them repaired, which will save a significant amount of money over the cost of replacing the opener.  As with most things, garage door openers have a small computer in them and in many cases the problem with the opener is related to the failure of some part of the computer. 

Most of the major manufacturers have replacement logic boards, sequencer boards, and radio receiver boards available for their garage door openers.   In addition there are also non-computer related parts available for repairs including chains and belts, as well as components for the motor and electric eyes.  Even original replacement remotes are now available!   In many cases these replacement parts and components are “plug and play”, which helps to minimize the labor costs of the repair. 

The key to repairing the garage door opener quickly and efficiently is to be able to troubleshoot the problem and determine if the problem is related to the computer or another component of the system.  Once that is determined, the technician will be able to determine what part or parts needs to be replaced and make the repair.  Once repaired, the opener will be tested to verify that the opener is working properly and within the technical specifications of the manufacturer.  No longer does a garage door opener problem mean the immediate replacement of the entire system, which is much more expensive than simply repairing the opener.

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Getting Your Garage Door Opener Repaired

It’s a major inconvenience to have a malfunctioning garage door opener.  Furthermore, it can affect your home’s safety. 

It’s important that you ensure your garage door opener works properly. This means that your opener promptly opens and closes your garage door. A malfunctioning garage door opener can result in accidents – such as your garage door closing on a pet or person.  

In addition, your garage door needs to close securely. This keeps your home safe – free of burglars and intruders who could take advantage of your poorly secured garage door to gain access to your home. 

The cost of repairing your garage door opener depends on:

  •  Type
  • Maintenance
  • Remote
  • Door

Type of Garage Door Openers

There are various kinds of garage doors and openers.

Installing the correct garage door opener is important. Some openers are specially made to facilitate the lifting of heavier garage doors than others. The right garage door opener is one way to minimize repair costs – from the beginning.

Garage Door Maintenance

You can also minimize garage door opener repair costs by regularly checking to see if the whole apparatus is functioning properly. Your garage door tracks should be greased and operational. Additionally, the garage door itself should be in good condition. 

Garage Door Opener Remote

Many garage door repair professionals will likely check your remote first. Sometimes, you don’t need your opener repaired. A new battery might be all that you need. Alternatively, you might simply need a new remote.  


Your garage door might be experiencing a simple issue that keeps it from properly opening and closing. Misaligned tracks or obstructions might be the culprit.  

For a quick inspection of your garage door and opener, call a garage door professional. Professionals can often easily identify and repair the problem(s).