Garage Door Operational Inspection Checklist

There are ways to identify problems with your garage door before they cause a failure in your system. Inspecting the components and operation on a regular basis can alert you to issues that need to be addressed. Preventing a failure of your garage door system is less expensive and certainly more convenient. Here is a checklist of areas to inspect on your garage door a few times a year.

  • Door panels. Are there any dents, holes or cracks in the panels of the door? Check inside and out. Damage can affect balance, safety and security. Make sure that panels and sections seal tightly when door is closed.
  • Weather stripping. Check the weather stripping at the bottom of the door for wear and tear. Look for cracking and check the pliability of the rubber; replace when needed to keep your door water resistant when closed.
  • Inspect the tracks and rollers. Look for dents and damage on the tracks; these are often hit by vehicles coming or going. Damaged tracks should be replaced for safety. Also, check the rollers and tracks for rust, wear and tear.
  • Cables. Inspect the cables that move your garage door. Look for fraying or unravelling of the cables. Call your local garage door repair service to replace them if needed.
  • Check balance/operation. Engage the manual switch and check the operation of your door. Can it be easily opened with one hand? Does it stay partially open? If it falls closed or is heavy, it needs service.

These are easy components to check on your own, but replacing parts should be performed by an experienced garage door repair technician for safety. This inspection can also be performed by your service technician during your routine tune-ups on your garage door system each year.

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