Interesting Facts About Garage Door Openers

You may not think about your garage door opener often, but it is an important component in most homes. This device is used almost every day and plays a crucial part in the safety and security of your home. Before you dismiss your garage door opener as just a “convenience” you may want to consider these interesting facts about these important devices.

  • Garage doors are the largest and heaviest moving objects in most homes. The garage door opening system controls a few hundred pounds with a simple push of a button, day in and day out.
  • It is estimated that 70% of people use the garage door to enter their home. This means the security of this door is extremely important.
  • The first electric garage door opener was made in 1926; there has been almost 100 years of technology and advancements made on this device.
  • Since 1993, garage door openers have been required to have an auto-reversal feature to stop them from closing on people or objects. These sensors are a crucial element, but need to be kept aligned and maintained to be functional.
  • Garage door openers have become “smart.” You can purchase openers with wi-fi that will notify you if they are used and you can control the functions through your smartphone for advanced security and convenience.

While garage door openers are a vital part of many people’s everyday life, they often get neglected. Ongoing service and maintenance can ensure that the safety and security features are working correctly. Make sure to schedule annual tune-ups for your garage door opener to keep your home and family safe while extending the life of your garage door opener.

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