5 Basic Choices in Garage Doors

If you are buying a new garage door, you have many options to consider. Garage doors may seem simple, but there are choices to make when you want to get the best door for your budget. Here are five basic features you will need to consider when buying a new garage door.

  1. Material. Wood, steel, aluminum or glass? Solid wood and steel are popular options, both durable and dependable. Glass on a metal frame is more expensive, but, it can offer beauty and light while adding value to your home. Aluminum can be budget-friendly and versatile, but less durable.
  2. Windows. Adding windows can be a nice way to allow natural light into the garage and add style to your garage’s appearance. You can choose frosted or tempered glass for security and safety.
  3. Insulation. Good insulation can save you money on energy costs while helping keep your garage climate controlled and sound proofed.
  4. Style. You can choose from carriage-style doors, panel designs and many other styles for your garage door. There are many more options than ever before to add beauty and curb appeal as well as function.
  5. Storm preparedness. You want to garage that can weather the storms in your region. If high winds are a possibility, choose garage doors with hurricane or high-wind resistance rating to protect your home.

Not all garage doors are the same. There are many features available that can impact the function and style of your new door. Talk with your local garage door experts about all the options available to ensure you get a garage door that will add value to your home while fitting under your budget.

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