Do you Need an Insulated Garage Door?

Do you know the insulation R-value of your garage door? Does your garage door even have insulation? There was a time when only cold climate areas worried about insulating their garage doors. However, almost any home and garage can benefit from an insulated door, regardless of the climate. Here are some reasons to consider upgrading to an insulated garage door.

  • Energy efficiency. If you heat/cool your garage or your garage is attached to your home, you could be wasting money if you do not have an insulated garage door. These are the largest doors in your home and can let a large amount of heat in or out. A high R-value door can help lower energy costs in your home and keep your garage climate controlled.
  • Sound proofing. An insulated door can help keep sound in or out of your garage. This makes it a quieter, both for you and your neighbors, depending on who is making the noise.
  • Strength. Insulated garage doors tend to be stronger than those that are not. The extra layer of insulation inside the door adds strength that can be important in heavy storms and for security.

Insulated doors come in R-values up to 17, with the higher numbers offering the best insulation. While you may not need the highest rating, an R-value close to 10 will give you an excellent insulation for your garage door. Any insulation rating is better than none and will help you conserve energy.

Not ready to upgrade your garage door just yet? Make sure your current garage door is well sealed until you can get an insulated door. Check the weather stripping and replace as need to create a tight seal around your door.

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5 Basic Choices in Garage Doors

If you are buying a new garage door, you have many options to consider. Garage doors may seem simple, but there are choices to make when you want to get the best door for your budget. Here are five basic features you will need to consider when buying a new garage door.

  1. Material. Wood, steel, aluminum or glass? Solid wood and steel are popular options, both durable and dependable. Glass on a metal frame is more expensive, but, it can offer beauty and light while adding value to your home. Aluminum can be budget-friendly and versatile, but less durable.
  2. Windows. Adding windows can be a nice way to allow natural light into the garage and add style to your garage’s appearance. You can choose frosted or tempered glass for security and safety.
  3. Insulation. Good insulation can save you money on energy costs while helping keep your garage climate controlled and sound proofed.
  4. Style. You can choose from carriage-style doors, panel designs and many other styles for your garage door. There are many more options than ever before to add beauty and curb appeal as well as function.
  5. Storm preparedness. You want to garage that can weather the storms in your region. If high winds are a possibility, choose garage doors with hurricane or high-wind resistance rating to protect your home.

Not all garage doors are the same. There are many features available that can impact the function and style of your new door. Talk with your local garage door experts about all the options available to ensure you get a garage door that will add value to your home while fitting under your budget.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Garage Door Contractor

You know it’s time to replace your old garage door and you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, but is this the kind of job you want to tackle right now? Shopping, taking things apart, and rebuilding may seem like too much for you right now. Here are several more reasons to hire a garage door contractor:

  1. Professional workmanship. When you hire a professional, they have been trained how to do the job correctly, plus they have a lot of experience to make the job easier. They will know how to get your new door up and running perfectly.
  2. Save time. Your time is a precious commodity, so you need to spend it wisely. A contractor can get you the right door and has all the tools and know how to get it up quickly. They will save you the ten trips to the hardware store too.
  3. Customer service. Having a garage door installed by a contractor usually means you get the customer service that goes with it. They’ll want to keep you happy, so you can call on them, if you ever have any problems in the future.
  4. Manual labor. You don’t want to spend your time off of work, working hard. Take some time to relax while the contractor does the heavy lifting and installing of your new garage door.

Tackling a garage door replacement may be tempting to do yourself, but there are many benefits to hiring a professional. A garage door contractor can give you professional workmanship, save you time, and give you quality customer service you are looking for in the years to come. While he does the work, you can take time to relax and in the end enjoy having a garage door that works well.

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Selecting a New Garage Door

Selecting a garage door for your new or existing home is an important consideration.  A garage door can substantially increase the comfort and pleasure you have in your home, and help when it comes time to sell your house later on.

When looking for a new garage door, homeowners should consider the design of their home.  Are you looking to upgrade your existing design?  Perhaps you have always dreamed of a carriage door design instead of a traditional louvered door.  Consider how this door would look in your neighborhood and on your house. 

Always consider purchasing garage doors that are insulated.  While it is true that non-insulated garage doors are less expensive, insulated garage doors provide sound deadening qualities, and noticeably improve your comfort in and outside your home.  Well insulated garage doors also will cut down on your heating and cooling bills, making your home more environmentally friendly.

Consider the components of the garage door.  Is there a warranty that extends to the point when you anticipate no longer being in the house?  Are the springs, rollers, and blades made of a high quality material?  Speaking with a professional contractor can help provide you with suggestions on the best type of materials for your home.

Your goal when you purchase a new garage door is to find a door that will complement your current home style and design, be cost effective and efficient, and provide you with the safety and security that your family deserves.

When it comes time to install a new garage door, always contact a local, licensed and insured garage door professional.

Garage Door Basics

A new garage door can be made from a variety of materials, but wood, steel, aluminum, and vinyl are the most common.  Steel doors have become more popular than wood doors in recent years.  Steel doors are often made with a painted, wood grain finish, but they last longer than wood doors. Steel doors do not rot like a wood door can and their factory finish usually lasts longer.  If a wood finish is important, there are steel doors manufactured with a wood veneer.

Most garage doors are sectional doors mounted on rollers.   Unlike doors made out of a single panel, sectional doors do not swing out as they open so a driver does not have to be careful of how close they park to the garage door.

Garage doors are available insulated or uninsulated.  Insulated garage doors can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Garage doors use either a torsion spring or extension spring to help lift the weight of the door.   A torsion spring mounts over the head of the door and is attached to the door by a cable which is wrapped around a pulley attached to each end of the torsion spring.  As the door closes, the spring is wound up.  As the door opens, the spring unwinds as it helps lift the door. 

Extension springs are also attached to the door by cables.  Extension springs stretch as the door is closed, then, as the door is opened, the spring retracts and helps lifts the door.

Your local garage door professional can help you choose the right garage door for your home.