Is a Double Garage Door Better Than Two Single Doors?

If you are designing a new garage or considering changing the configuration of your existing garage, you may wonder about double garage doors. Two-car garages usually either have a wide double garage door, or two single doors, but which is better? It all depends on your needs and preferences, but there are a few factors that can help you decide.

Climate Control

One large door will let more air into your garage every time you use it. For some homeowners, this can be a concern. Not only does it effect the temperature in your garage, it also can impact the climate control inside of the home. Two single doors can be more efficient, with only one smaller door opening at a time.

Recreational Vehicles

If you will also have recreational vehicles like golf carts or motorcycles in the garage with cars or trucks, a large single garage door may be a better choice. It can be easier to navigate getting extra vehicles in and out without a dividing section in the middle.

Malfunctions and Repairs

For those who park all their vehicles in the garage, it is important to consider what will happen if your garage door will not open. If you only have one wide door, all vehicles are stuck until you get the door or opener repaired. With two doors, you always should have one door that is working, even if the spring breaks or damage occurs to the other door.

There is not a right or wrong answer for which option is best. Consider these factors and discuss your options with your local garage door service before you decide whether a double garage door or two single doors are best for your needs.

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